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By Courtney in Digital Painters on Feb 9, 2010

The world of illustrious fantasy is no stranger to Kendrick Lim. He has made a career out of creating beautiful illustrations of dramatically fantastical scenes. His use of rich colors and passionate energy creates an invigorating tension that many artists struggle to find.

Kendrick is also one of the founders of Imaginary Friends Studios, a concept art, comics and illustration studio. Additional pieces by Kendrick can be found on DeviantArt.

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Do you think that anyone has the ability to be an artist with enough training or do you think it is a talent that one is born with?

I think you need both aspects to be a good artist. It’s very hard to become good at art if you find it a challenge to understand art fundamentals, or do not have a innate sense of aesthetics and creativity.

However talent can only take you so far, without passion and the drive to constantly better yourself, anyone can easily fizzle out in the very competitive art industry.

What is one thing you would like people to know about you, either as an artist or as an individual?

As an artist, most of the work I do commercially are dark and gritty in theme. In my own time, I like working on art with a more sensual and erotic nature. As an individual, I love playing videogames, which is the reason why I got into this industry in the first place. I also love hanging out and drawing inspiration by observing people in the streets.

Describe the experience and inspiration behind founding Imaginary Friends Studios with Stanley Lau.

It was quite an experience indeed. I was young and fresh out of an internship with a game company in Japan, and was tired of the what the industry in Singapore had to offer. All we had were small multimedia companies mostly doing kids animation and such, the comics and concept art scene was virtually non-existent back then.

So I went rogue with Stanley, who was sick of the grinding in the advertising agencies as well. With our passion in illustration and concept design, we started IFS with 2 other partners, one of whom is Lim Ri Kai, an amazingly talented young chap.

Surviving on our own savings, we struck out for more than half a year before getting our first gig ( a GI Joe comic coloring job), and work has come in for us ever since. To date, we have worked with major game companies like Ubisoft and Square-Enix on several game projects.

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What tools did you first learn to create with and what tools can you not live without now?

I have never really dabbled with traditional media, but like most I started out with the pencil and then moved on to Photoshop and painter with the wacom. I cannot live without photoshop and wacom now.. Currently I am using Photshop cs2 and an intous 3.

Imaginary Friends Studios services clients such as Sony Online Entertainment and DC Comics. How did these collaborations originate?

As I mentioned above, we started out doing work for smaller companies, while slowly building up our portfolio and reputation. As time goes by, companies like SOE and DC saw our stuff and wanted to work with us.

Is there a potential company or individual that you are hoping to work with in the future?

No one in particular, but we are always looking forward to working with more game companies. Meanwhile I really hope to be able to collaborate more with Icefrog on DotA ( It’s my favourite game!

What are your aspirations for the New Year?

To live life more!

Red Anime

In your opinion, how has Concept Art changed over the years as games and animations have become more complex with technology?

Definitely. The standard of art has improved so much in a few years and I think the main factor for this is the internet. It makes digital art so accessible and the exposure to artists all around the world spurred the growth of the industry so rapidly.

Is there an aspect of art that you have yet to explore but would like to in the future?

I would like to experiment with a more graphical art style, perhaps even graphic design. I also want to pick up photography, and hope to eventually incorporate it into my designs.

What advice can you give to people who want to pursue this type of art?

Constantly work on your fundamentals, as with everything in life, u get rusty and will not improve if you keep falling back on your favourite art styles and other comfort zones.

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