Modern Suits - Promises EP Review

By Alicia in Partner News and Reviews on Oct 25, 2012

Doing Rock Right

Doing Rock Right

Modern Suits is a Philadelphia rock band comprised of Keith Gibbons (Vocals/Guitar), Stu Olson (Guitar), Adam Jessamine (Guitar), Mikal Smith (Bass) and Nick Costa (Drums). This up and coming group is gaining momentum in the Philly market, but in my opinion should be gracing the airwaves across the US. MS is a straight rock band. They aren’t some crossover blend of this and that. They create music that is for a true rock fan looking for smooth sounds that aren’t hyped up with auto tune or excess background noise.

Modern Suits’ debut EP, In Transition, was released in 2011. While their freshman attempt was good work, the group was clearly still finding themselves. Their latest release Promises (released October 23, 2012), is notches above their freshman attempt. MS seems stronger and more confident this time around on the EP recorded at Vudu Studios in Long Island, NY with producers Mike Watts and Steven Haigler.

Promises gets better with every listen. While each song is very different they all have the same vibe and don’t make you feel like you are listening to multiple bands at once. There wasn’t a single weak link on the entire 5-song line up. In fact, each one plays perfectly for the radio. I really enjoyed that MS slowed things down at the very end with The Devil Is In The Details. I think that rock ballads tend to be some of the very best songs. You take a group with this hard edge and as soon as they let their guard down a bit they can produce even more amazing music. This song was no different and put the perfect ending on an already amazing EP. I think that the songs on Promises were perfectly written, sung and produced for this group.

You can learn more about Modern Suits on their website.

Rating: 45 out of 50.

Conclusion: This is a "must know" band for all rock fans. Their songs can rival any of the rock greats heard on the radio right now. Modern Suits has found their sound, now they need the fan base to appreciate it.

EP available on iTunes

EP available on iTunes

Promises is available now!


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