Attaloss Album Review

By Alicia in Partner News and Reviews on Mar 14, 2012

One Band, Two Ways

One Band, Two Ways

I love me some good rock music. It isn’t often that I have the opportunity to review a new rock album, nor find one that I actually like. For some reason it seems that rock music is hard to master. I have heard many bad albums in my life time but some rock albums have been the absolute worst. To my relief, Attaloss was not one of those. Their upcoming release has 10 songs but only 5 originals. The band chose to record and release acoustic versions of the first 5 songs.

I think the first song on an album is so important to keeping listeners interested. If they don’t love your first song they probably won’t keep listening or at the very least will tune out. Open Door is the first track on Attaloss’ album and the first single to be released. Boy, did they get this one right! It is the perfect song to get this thing started and definitely the strongest. The songs progressed nicely from there, moving onto Before You Let Me In, Fate Will Only Know Tomorrow, Move On and wrapping the originals up in a nice bow was Forward. I preferred the originals over the acoustic versions but only because I think they best displayed the overall capabilities of the band. It’s always nice to hear a rock song stripped down, but for me, hearing this band for the first time, I wanted to know exactly what they were capable of.

Rating: 40 out of 50.

Conclusion: I've read quite a few reviews talking about the talent that this band exhibits and I have to agree. This group definitely has their shit together. Obviously, no group is perfect and everyone has room for improvement. At this point though, Attaloss seems to have things worked out and more time together is only going to refine their sound.

If you’re a rock fan, you want to check out this album.

Download a FREE copy of Attaloss' latest release Open Door HERE

Attaloss' self-titled album is available April 10, 2012


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