Chase Perryman - All Things Invisible: Album Review

By Alicia in Partner News and Reviews on Feb 17, 2012

When we last caught up with Chase Perryman it was 2009 and he was putting out his own music. Three years later we find him signed with the independent label Archetype Records and releasing new material called All Things Invisible. Chase has come a long way and so has his music. It is obvious that he has spent the time between records honing his singing and songwriting skills.

All Things Invisible doesn’t veer far from Chase’s other releases. What it does is come across as more refined. Chase still has the deep and soulful voice with meaningful lyrics, but also a touch of polish. On this release the songs are quite melancholy. The more upbeat songs, such as Three Times As Fast and Antithesis caught my attention the most. Overall, the 10 songs are mellow and great for a day of relaxation.

His music is one that doesn’t fit into just one category. Some songs fit into one, some into two; some might fit into many categories. If one category was required to break down his musical sound, he would most likely be put into the indie/folk/blues category, at least according to my ears.

Chase’s music isn’t for everyone. He has a unique sound that requires the right group of fans, but finding that group when producing distinctively different music isn’t always easy. It seems though that Chase has found a way to garner the following he is looking for. One can only image how his career will have evolved when we catch up with him again in another couple of years.


1. Elephant in Red

2. Lady in Waiting

3. Three Times As Fast

4. If You Were a Leaf

5. Crash After This

6. Antithesis

7. Okra Plant

8. Holy Palmers

9. Holes That Let The Light Through

10. Only So Many Pockets

All Things Invisible is available on iTunes and

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