Pilot Touhill: Music Review

By Alicia in Partner News and Reviews on Dec 02, 2011

When the holiday’s roll around, I spend my days cooking and it can get quite boring. In order to keep the boredom at bay I try to always have music blaring. I use this time to listen to some of my favorite CD’s over and over again but I also like having new music to check out. I was lucky that this year a new CD dropped right into my lap at the perfect time.

Pilot Touhill’s is a singer/songwriter from California that mixes and matches beats to form his own original sound. Reviewers have said that Pilot has ‘effortless talent’ and I completely agree. One listen to this album and one has to hear the sounds of someone doing what they love, not forcing beats for the sake of an album. Pilot Touhill is upbeat and exciting. The type of music your body dances to even if you don’t ask it to. It isn’t the type of music I would typically listen to but it was an album that I enjoyed enough to keep on repeat while preparing my Thanksgiving meal.

Kaleidoscope comes across as the perfect single after a quick listen to all of the songs. Maybe the word Kaleidoscope just caught my attention more than the other lyrics, but overall it was my favorite song. One Thing was crazy with up and down beats that had my body moving right away. I also really enjoyed the mellowness of Sitting on Top of the World. Pilot Touhill’s simple, yet catchy lyrics remind you of summer and will have you longing for a trip to the beach. Perhaps this is a great album for folks entering the dreary winter months.

Pilot calls his music a mix of Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul and Electronica. If I had to create a playlist for it I would call it ‘Fun’.

Rating: 35 out of 50.

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Paper Armour

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