The Chase is on...Again!

By Derek in Partner News and Reviews on Apr 04, 2011

A Review of Chasing Mood, Season 2

A Review of Chasing Mood, Season 2

Chasing Mood, the beloved Vancouver-based Web series, is back...and better than ever! With a new style, more supporting characters and an entertaining storyline, the second season is certainly worth "chasing" after.

The second season finds Curtis (played by none other guessed it, Curtis Lum) freeloading off his uncle, who left him his condo while he's away on business. During the first scene of the first episode, we're introduced to Curtis's high-strung and goofy friend Johnson (played by, guess who...Johnson Phan). Johnson wants to be involved with another season of Curtis and Brendon's reality show from the first season, but it looks as though their reality show days are over.

After the first scene at the house (er, condo) party, Curtis and Johnson pick up Brendon (Brendon Bertolini...who knew?) at the train station. But Brendon has come back rather strange, almost like he's in some sort of trance. Other than that, Brendon is the same character we liked and got to know in the first season. He's also apparently living with his grandmother now. Oh yes, and we also get to see Brendon's sworn-enemy J.J. (Jeremy Schuetze) in the brief final scene. On a side note...Blu Mankuma appears in the season, too, but only as a different character.

A hilarious season will ensue for sure, as the laughs hardly ever stop (Johnson practically steals the episode). The trailer for the second season drops several hints as to the comedic situations that will be thrown at us during the next month as more episodes are posted. Series creator Leslie Birch doesn't bore us with any unnecessary exposition (it is only the first episode) and gets right to the heart of the storyline...a new one from last season. In this season, Curtis and Brendon are unsure what they want to do with their lives, so it looks as though they're going to spend all season trying to figure it out...and we're along for the ride!

In addition to a new storyline and colorful characters is Birch's cinematography. The "shaky camera" style from the first season (which is the only way to mimic a reality show) has been abandoned. Instead, we get steady shots like that of any typical movie or TV show. A different music score is also present, although some of the score we heard in the first season is there, too.

Among the new cast members are Jarod Joseph and Michelle Hadbavny.

Rating: 45 out of 50.

I like to think of myself as a psychic when it comes to movies, TV shows...and Web series. That is, I can almost always tell if something will be good without viewing the rest of the episodes (or the rest of the movie). Chasing Mood, season two is something that I've only seen one episode of but I know it's going to be bigger and better than the last season.

When the first episode of the first season of Chasing Mood was released, I watched it and wrote a positive review on the series as a whole instead of just the first episode. I ended up being right about the first season...and I'm fairly certain I'm right about this one. it!

For more information about the show and/or to watch episodes, visit the Chasing Mood website!


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