Patrick Joseph's Antiques: A Review

By Derek in Partner News and Reviews on Mar 09, 2011

"Antiques" isn't an oldie, but definitely a goodie

"Antiques" isn

Every good review must begin with not criticism of a musician’s album, but with a little about the musician himself or herself (let’s not get sexist now). Why read a review about an album without knowing a little about the musician?

Patrick Joseph is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and spent many of his years playing with bands and working with fellow singer-songwriters. It wasn’t until Patrick was twenty-one when he ventured out on his own. Since embarking on his solo career, Patrick recorded his first EP titled The Basement Tapes, released in 2007 and inspired by his internet fan base which came with the release of various demos on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

Late last year, Patrick released his first full-length album titled Antiques. The 10-song album features something I’ve never heard in an album before or, at least, rarely do. That rarity I’m referring to are the two brief instrumental tracks. We begin with an instrumental, and then another comes along on a later track. The second instrumental is a nice little interlude.

As a whole, the album has a dreary feel. This is a good thing, as I particularly enjoy music that has kind of a dark feel. The mood Patrick’s songs create isn’t overly dreary, like something you would listen to in a dark room by yourself. Its melodies are full of emotion…mostly sad, but at other times surprisingly inspirational and even happy despite the dreariness. These traits are what make the album even more unique and enjoyable.

His fourth track, Untangled, is one of the happier songs (not that the concept of the track was happy). The melody is quicker, didn’t seem as dark as the previous three tracks and had lyrics which (to me, as all art forms are subjective) suggested Patrick was in a horrible car accident but his girlfriend (or someone he loved) wouldn’t give up on him, even though he was in a terrible place physically and mentally post-accident. This particular song was a standout.

Rating: 45 out of 50.

Yes, I really enjoyed Patrick's debut album. The songs weren't too short or too long, the melodies sounded great and delivered some powerful emotions, and it was very well-organized. Yes, you read that right...organized. I've always been a fan of organization, especially when it comes to art. Patrick's organization of his album made it very unique, particularly with his two instrumental pieces. We come into Antiques with an intstrumental and don't hear the second one until later.

After that nice musical interlude, we hear two more songs before the album is over.

During March 2011, Patrick is giving away his debut album for FREE! All you have to go to his official website and join his mailing list. Once you've joined his mailing list, you can download Antiques for free.


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