Featured Artist - Josh Stewart

By Alicia in Featured Artists on Jan 18, 2011

I first stumbled across Josh Stewart when watching MTV in 2009. I had no idea that once I searched his music I would fall in love. Josh is a talented musician who may not have the help of a label, but is doing all he can to make his music available to fans.

He has released an EP and a full length album since that time and is just about ready to release another full length. His music has always been about his life and love, but this time he goes a step further telling us about the recent birth of his son, Jude.

Josh is currently trying to acquire funding for his next album with the help of a KickStarter Campaign. Please check out his music and then think about donating to his upcoming album, Songs for Jude. Even $1 will help him reach his goal!

You can learn more about Josh on facebook.

Songs for Jude


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