Explore the truth with Daddy I Do

By Ryan Cooper in Partner News and Reviews on May 22, 2010

A powerful revelation into a volatile topic.

A powerful revelation into a volatile topic.

Daddy I Do, is a great first documentary by a budding filmmaker. It has won numerous awards across the United States and is currently screening at the legendary Cannes Film Festival in France.

Daddy I Do, is an excellent beginning to what promises to be a bright future for both Cassie Jaye and her team at Jaye Bird Productions. With her first film Cassie Jaye has quickly proven that she has the talent and wisdom to tackle topics that others fear. Daddy, I Do is a chilling and revealing look into mankind's struggle with how to educate it's teens as they reach sexual maturity.

The Film

When the average viewer thinks about the term "documentary" most commonly two very stark and contrasting images readily float to the surface of the mind. The first is the classic stereotype of a rather old, stuffy, British professor rambling about the migration patterns of some arbitrary bird. The second is the more modern imagery of a crusading idealist such as Micheal Moore warping the reality of context in order to paint everything in the worst possible light. These misconceptions, however, are no more than a tattered veil that has been pulled across the eyes of the public by the expectations of the capitalism.

Cassie Jaye

Through Daddy I Do, filmmaker Cassie Jaye and her team have been able create a stellar example of how a documentary can successfully reveal the complete reality of an issue without being plagued by the ravenous idealism of the pious.

Oscar Wilde once wrote that "education is an admirable thing but it is worth noting that nothing worthwhile can ever be taught." The modern idea of a documentary is that of a fevered zealot trying to teach his audience to accept his opinion through the blatant misrepresentation of the truth.

Daddy I Do is an example of documentary film-making that stays true to the fundamental idea of what a documentary is without compromising the integrity of the filmmaker or the film's subjects. Throughout Daddy I Do, Cassie Jaye strives to lift the fog in order to reveal her issue as a whole. Such a documentary is not designed to force the listener into the emotionally fueled opinion of the filmmaker, rather, it enlightens the viewer so that they are best equipped to make a decision that fits best within their own system of values.

Furthermore, Daddy I Do does not reflect the tedious boredom that one might expect from an informational piece designed to reveal the conflicting truths of an issue. Instead, Jaye Bird Productions successfully has chosen a cast of both entertaining and informative speakers that both keep the viewer intrigued and entertained.

As a whole, Daddy I Do, comes across as a mature and polished film that could easily reflect the talent of an experienced film-maker.

Purity Ball

The Issue

As with any great documentary Daddy I Do tackles a powerful and provocative issue that has both tremendous political and social presence within our own civilization. Abstinence has played a pivotal role in the development of our society for thousands of years. Many religions, including Christianity have founded their core beliefs on the importance of one's virginity. However, despite this seeming obsession with sexuality mankind has made the topic taboo, forcing it to simmer in the recesses of our minds. With Daddy I Do, Cassie Jaye harnesses the emotional fuel of the issue and thrusts it into the light.

In order to remain neutral and properly expose the entire spectrum of the subject at hand Jaye Bird Productions utilizes contrasting viewpoints on the subject of abstinence as both a religious and sociological belief. Throughout the film, the viewer is bombarded with a swathe of varying points of view, including that of evangelists, mothers, teens, researchers, and more. Through each story Cassie Jaye is able to paint an accurate portrait of the entire issue so that, you, the viewer can best decide.

Rating: 40 out of 50.

The Verdict

Human sexuality is both an infinitely large and infinitely important topic. Through Daddy I Do, Cassie Jaye and her team only touch the surface of a much larger issue. Yet despite the obvious risks associated with tackling one of the greatest issues mankind currently faces Cassie Jaye is able to reveal the truth with both grace and honesty. A feat that can only really be understood upon true reflection on how important this topic really is.


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