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By Alicia in Misc on October 13, 2009

Can you believe it is already October?

Can you believe it is already October?

Soon Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will have passed us by and we will be counting down to 2010. This year has flown by for me, seems to have gone by faster than any other year. When the holidays are over each year I long for them to arrive again, but they don’t usually seem to come around as quickly as they did this year. The holidays are such a fun time but super stressful as well. The year always seems to end quickly and in that short amount of time so much needs to be accomplished and demands your time. It seems as though something in every area of my life needs attention and I find myself scrambling around unable to properly manage my time. One thing that has always helped me stay focused and not get too frazzled is music. There are days where I can’t image my life without it. Listening to some good tunes takes all my stress away and helps me get more focused on demanding tasks. Do you find music to have the same effect on you?

The end of the year is also when a bunch of musicians release albums and tour and to this I say ‘Thank You!’ These tours and new songs help me make it through all the madness that the end of the year creates. Thankfully this year is no different and not only have I been introduced to some new musicians who I can’t stop listening to but there are also some great tours going on all across the US (some overseas too!). I can’t make all of these shows, but many of them I can and I can’t wait. Below are links to some really great tours going on this fall that I highly recommend. Give at least one of them a shot and see what you think. See if they can provide you with some music that will help you relax better this holiday season.

Tyrone Wells
Carolina Liar
Tim Brantley
Gavin Rossdale
The Fray
Josh Hoge
Ernie Halter
Curtis Peoples
Tony Lucca
Snow Patrol

Do you know of a fantastic artist touring this fall? Let me know, I love hearing new people!


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